Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PR Basics

I found this blog site to be helpful in pointing out the basics of a PR campaign. Each of these necessary documents is helpful in creating a successful campaign. This website helps to explain what they are and how to use them.
· Press Releases
· Press Kits
· Use Your Blog
· Working with the Media
· Organizing Media Events
· Learn Crisis Management

For each point there is a description of how this would be helpful in your campaign. The Organizing Media Events point explains that even though you plan a groundbreaking event it doesn’t mean that you are going to get media coverage for it. Along with the blurb under the topic, if you click the words in blue it takes you to a more detailed explanation of the topic.

In the Organizing Media Events link it talks about how when sending out your press release there is a window of time to send it out to the media. It says to not send it out too early because it could end up at the bottom of a pile, but also not to send it out too late because other stories may have been assigned already.

**Here is the website. My computer wouldn't let me link.

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Karen said...

I checked out the section entitled "Building Blocks for a Powerful Press Release" and found it almost identical to the section we just finished. However our book draws attention to the word "press" and discourages its use preferring the word "news" instead. If you're not inclined to keep our textbook for future reference, this Web site looks like a good place to bookmark.