Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It should go without saying...

Most PR professionals understand that ethical behavior, in general, is just common courtesy. Take responsibility for your actions. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Make sure people know your standards for work. You know, be good. That way the media world, including bloggers, won’t destroy you verbally.

If there is one thing that erks me the most, it’s some executive jerk that will go out of his way to cover up a botched PR tactic. In a rant on, the senior vice president of a PR firm called 5WPR, blamed an “unpaid intern” for fake posts he made posing as a well known Rabbi. Had he owned up to it, it may have been a slap on the wrist. Now, he looks even more incompetent because of how easily the comments were traced back to him; and, how dumb he looks for his story about the intern.

Don't just not get caught, don't make up stuff in the first place.


Karen said...
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Karen said...

I noticed that your linked article had 3,646 views when I was reading it. Wow. That is an enormous amount of negative publicity for 5WPR. This is a good reminder to double check facts, let alone the benefits of adhering to values of honesty and integrity.